Skechers Boots Sale Pack’Ems offers alternative to

Pack’Ems offers alternative to disposable snack bags

Pack’ems is a new product that offers an alternative to the daily throw away name brand snack bags for brown bag lunches and on the go kid activities. Marketed through BooginHead, the snack bags join the growing list of baby and toddler products that are slated to make fast paced life with young children cheaper, and easier.

Pack’Ems have several positive features. They are easy to open and close with a generous strip of Velcro Brand PRESS LOK, allowing little hands easy access Skechers Boots Sale to contents. No zipping or lining up grooves is required.

The heavy duty plastic is phthalate and PBA free. The pouches stand upright for easy filling and eating, minimizing spills of small snack items. The bottom expands to accommodate more food, helping to stabilize the pouches. They are top r Skechers Boots Sale ack dishwasher safe, making clean up easy.

Snack’Ems come in two sizes per package. The smalle Skechers Boots Sale r size is perfect for berries, pretzel sticks and similar items. The larger size is suitable for chips, larger cut up fruit, and even a small sandwich. Orange or green zig zag patterns make the bags easy to spot amid lunch choices. They are printed with “Recycle.”

In the “Needs Improvement” category, a few features could use a tweak. While the heavy duty plastic used to make Pack’Ems extends product life and durability, it is so rigid that it can crush chips and similar delicate snacks. The zig zag patterns call attention to the bags, but at a school cafeteria table they could easily become lost among colorful lunch trash and discarded, which defeats the reusable idea. A suggestion is to write “Take Me HOME” on the bags with waterproof marker so kids will see and remember to save the bags.

BooginHead LLC. headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington, having moved from California, where it was started by a mom hoping to simplify life with a product to keep her son from throwing his sippy cup all the time.

In 2008 BooginHead created a sister product to SippiGrip named PaciGrip, a universal pacifier holder in matching SippiGrip colors. BooginHead continues to move forward in creating solutions based products that are geared towards simply making parent’s lives easier.

Although BooginHead is located in the USA, Pack’Ems is made in China. Outsourcing manufacture of a product invented by an American mom is disappointing.

Little company data is available on the Booginhead website about country of origin for other products or the company itself aside from cutesy biographies of company principles. Who cares what their favorite movie is? Updated professional information would be helpful to parents seeking current product information.

Pack’Ems is listed on the BooginHead website as available through Amazon, Walmart, Babies R Us, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and others but the product was not found. After checking with a company source, this reporter was told there is a 5 6 week “shipping delay” from China. No mention of the delay is anywhere on the company website. Would this happen with a Made in USA product?

Aside from the PBA and phthalate free plastic, the product cannot be highly endorsed by this r Skechers Boots Sale eporter as Green. Since it is made in China, it cannot be endorsed as Made in USA nor Booginhead as a totally Made in USA company.