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Press Courier, The (Newspaper) June 15, 1975, Oxnard, California JUM H, ItTS Hi, I m Jackie from that cute little spot by the water Come enjoy my view! Trash ProliferationNeeds Experts for Its Disposal When bids for the collection of solid waste at Pacific Missile Test Center’s Pt. Mugu’s Industrial Area recently were opened, no bands played. No one made any speeches. Outside of a handful of engineers and disposal experts, few people give much thought to what is known in the vulgate as “trash.” No matter what it’s called, there’s more than enough of it to go around and complex enough to require a corps of experts to handle it. Carroll Lee Shullanberger, Love Lust x and Violence consulting civil engineer, Naval Air Station, Public Wo Skechers Boots rks Department, probably knows as much about the subject as anyone at PMTC. Two months ago he com pleted a study of solid waste disposal at the center. Among his findings were that the main base generates about 16 to Skechers Boots ns of waste materials per day. The housing Skechers Boots area waste comes to about 5.3 tons per day. THESE FIGURES do not include the ISO tons of scrap metal generated each year by the shops, laboratories, and other technical facilities. Special bins are located at each such facility so that the scrap can be picked up separately and delivered to Port Huenome. A Defense Supply Agency at Port Hueneme sells the scrap metal to commercial recycling and reclaiming companies. The volume of nonmetals generated is hard to estimate. Paper goods, cartons, bottles, cans, crates, shrub and gross trimmings, and food wastes GULLS AW AIT MEAL ‘Wherever there’s human waste, seagulls aren’t far behind to feedonit. KRESGCCO. DISCO Convenient Credit Terms Are Available. Frigidairc 3 DOOR Satisfaction Always k. 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Push button control of color, tint, brightness, contrast, Automatic Fine Tuning. FT478W. 1345 55 CHANNEL ISLANDS BLVD. OXNARD vary enormously in bulk, depending on how they are packed. The plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and loose things are picked up from the curbside of each on base residence twice a week, on a contract basis. Main base scrap is picked up by Navy and civil service workers who utilize 10 cubic yard containers and “Dump ster” trucks to haul it off to the Mugu Disposal site. The con tainers are washed down with clear water and steam cleaned at least once a week. The steam cleaning is done at the NAS Public Works Surplus Yard Filler Cleaning Plant, where both the interior and exterior on the containers arc done. WHILE MOST of the pickups operate only five days a week, pickups of raw food wastes from the general mess must be made on Saturdays and Sun days. Only main base materials are dumped at the Mugu Disposal Site a sandy area of 25 acres between Mugu Lagoon and Laguna Koad, south of 13th Street. At the site, a bulldozer pushes the earth aside to form a trench into which the refuse is dum ped. The earth is then pushed back and the mass compacted. During a seven year period, says Shullanberger, the elevation of the site has risen about four feet. Solid waste from the Government housing area of the base is compressed and trucked to the Oxnard Refuse Disposal Site, at a total cost of per ton. Shullanbergcr’s study con templates the eventual removal of all waste from the Base. He has reported on 10 options, ranging from direct transfer to the use of transfer stations. The least expensive plan involves the eventual tie in with the present Oxnard Municipal Sewage Plant, which will be the nucleus f Skechers Boots or a Regional now in the planning state HE ALSO sees a time when all waste probably will be recycled or burned to product energy. A number of cities in the United States are now recovering energy and materials from solid wastes. Some are composting organic wastes. Some are composting organic wastes and selling the humus that is produced. The Ventura County landfill has a projected life of five years. By then, the County plans to have another landfill site operating. But some day, all the economic landfill sites will have been filled. Williams, 41, was picked from a slate of four applicants for the post. The choice was made during a special executive session of the board of trustees.’ He received his bachelor’s degree from Los Angeles State College in 19C3, and was awarded his master’s degree; from San Fernando Valley State in 1971. Williams, who played minor league professional baseball, came to the local district in 1967. He and his wife, Ann, have four children. DR. JOHN SAWELENKO FAMILY DENTIST Complete Dental Core i DENTAL PLATES. Plates inserted immediately after extraction of teeth. 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