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Our mental health scandal is Ontario

I first noticed JR early in the new year. It may have been one of the first cold days of what people call the polar vortex, or I may be imagining that.

JR and cold seem connected to me somehow and perhaps I am confusing things.

“Every day I can. I need the money. Goin’ to buy an ounce of gold and get some sugar spoons made.”I stand there not knowing what to say until he lifts his hea Skechers Canada d from the garbage can, peers around, and then as though something has just occurred to him, he adds:

“Sorry ’bout that. I ramble a bit. I’m psychotic.”

It’s strange how once you Skechers Canada notice someone who lives on the street once you have given them a name and a story Skechers Canada you start to notice them everywhere.

After that first meeting I saw JR in the Glebe, dragging his bag of bottles and cans down Bank Street Skechers Canada . In Centretown around Place Bell.

And in the Market almost every second day it suddenly seemed.

I talked to him when I saw him, and when I had time I would take him for a coffee and snack at a restaurant on George Street.

It didn’t take long to realize he was being brutally honest with me when he said he was dealing with serious mental health problems. Our conversations were disconnected affairs.

One minute JR a diminutive man with bright blue eyes and a mouth that never turned in either direction was having problems with a landlord. Then he was a boy playing by the Ottawa River. Then he needed gold, to replace something stolen from his sister a long time ago.

“Sugar spoons?” I asked.

“No. A watch.”

For the longest time, it never occurred to me to write a story about JR. I even went so far as to say I shouldn’t write a story, even if tempted. He’s not there all the time, I told myself. We were enlightened and no longer wished to “warehouse” people.

So people like JR (which is not his real name) ended up in the “community.”

Or to be more accurate they ended up in rooming houses and shelters, temporary group homes and emergency room waiting wards.