Skechers On Sale Ottawa letters to the editor

Ottawa letters to the editor

Dear Mr. Garbage Person: I am terribly sorry that every two weeks when you come to collect the multitude of garbage bags from my house, they are riddled with holes from the local rat/squirrel/bird/feral cat/raccoon population, thereby making your job a little messier.
Skechers On Sale

The problem of drivers being treated differently than out of town ones when it comes to red light cameras can be solved very easily, scrap the cameras.

Oh but, wait, “it is $100 million a year in lost revenue to municipalities.” Lost revenue? That’s important.

So much about it being for safety.

Jim HarrisThey should tell the truth, a total cash grab

Cutting edge

Re: the money goes’, March 18.

This was informative as our finance minister prepares to table his budget.

Eleven per cent of current spending is for interest payments on our nati Skechers On Sale onal debt.

Yet interest rates are at their lowest level in recorded history. Nationally we continue to operate the country by borrowing.

So where does the Finance Minister make the hard decisions to cut spending?

Maybe he could cut Senator, MP or public servant (retired or serving) pensions? Perhaps he could cut OAS and GIS payments to poorest of Skechers On Sale the poor or reduce transfer payments to the financially incompetent fools running provinces.

The average person knows they have to control their spending.

Politicians leading countries, states, provinces and cities seem confused with this concept.

Don McGregorFlaherty is sharpening his knife

Victims’ rights gone

Re: sample tossed, Natsis trial’ March 18.

The breath sample provided by Christ Skechers On Sale y Natsis after the fatal crash that killed Bryan Casey was disallowed with the judge ruling that her rights were violated.