Skechers Outlet Over 100 bags of paddy damaged

Over 100 bags of paddy damaged in rain

Heavy rain on Thursday night damaged more than 100 bags of paddy stored in the open on the Puducherry Market Committee Complex at Thattanchavadi here. The paddy had been procured by various buyers from farmers and stored for being transported from the complex.

According to the secretary of the Market Committee, Kalyanasundaram, the damage was only to the paddy that had already been bought by traders and not that of the farmers. The total damage is yet to be ascertained.

According to the farmers, the committee complex lacked storage facilities and they are sometimes forced to store the paddy in the open. This was due to procurers not clearing the acquired paddy on time from the complex. the paddy becomes wet, we lose at least Rs. 100 for a bag. Already, there is a decline in the number of people cultivating paddy . If such things happen, we might have to stop cultivating paddy, said Saravanan

The agents who bid on behalf of the procurers also complained about the lack of storage facilities. time such an incident happens, we request for more facilities. The committee promised to take action but nothing has come through, the agents said.

On whether the committee was planning to build new storage facilities, Mr. Kalyanasundaram said that a loan of Rs. 4 crore had been sought from NABARD for improving all such facilities across Puducherry and two auction yards would soon be built at th Skechers Outlet e Thattanchavadi complex.

There was commotion at the Market Skechers Outlet Committee Complex when agitated farmers complained about d Skechers Outlet elay in payment for the paddy procured. is delay in payment every day. They come up with some excuse or the other. Farmers who come from far away places are put to great difficulty, s Skechers Outlet aid Pandian, a farmer.

Regarding delay in payment, the secretary clarified that a circular had been issued on June 7 to all supervisors in the committee to pay the farmers on time. He also said that any agent who delayed payment to the farmers should be disqualified from bidding for the paddy. The backlog of payments would be cleared within two days, he said.