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Pack your own cheap

It back to school season. But some of us don have little ones heading out the door in the morning. What can we gain from refreshing our bag lunch packing skills?

Packing your own lunch to take to work or school has lots of advantages over buying a meal. For starte Skechers Boots Sale rs, it saves you money.

Even figuring conservatively, a $6 lunch out each day adds up to more than $1,500 over the course of the year. Sure, you spend something if you ate lunch at home. But you wouldn spend nearly that much.

Bag lunches save on food waste, too. You can pack bits and pieces from your kitchen that together add up to a meal for one but might otherwise be tossed out at home.

The biggest advantage to bringing lunch fro Skechers Boots Sale m home, of course, is that it gives you more control over the nutritional content of the meal. If you trying to watch your weight or limit your intake of added sodium or sugar, you generally be more successful the less you eat out.

Here are some other lunch packing tips:

Pack lightly. You probably need less than you think. On a hiking trip this summer in Glacier National Park, park service hosts packed bag lunches for our group heading out on a day hike to Sperry Glacier. Despite a strenuous, calorie consuming eight mile hike over streams, rocks and snowfields, most of us returned with provisions we didn eat.

If a sandwich, drink box, fruit leather and candy bar are too much for an outing like that, they definitely overkill for a day at the office.

No need for a focal point. It OK if your lunch doesn include a sandwich. A collection of fresh fruits or a Greek yogurt and whole grain crackers may be all you need. Mix and match small amounts of whatever you have at home. Use up your leftovers.

Use lunchtime to make progress on your daily fruit and vegetable goals. Take at least one piece of fresh fruit each day. Mak Skechers Boots Sale e a meal out of a Skechers Boots Sale serving of a substantial salad such as black bean and corn salad, carrot walnut salad, or salads made with lentils or garbanzo beans.