Skechers Boots Sale Oxycontin exit leads to increa

Oxycontin exit leads to increased heroin use in Calgary

The exit of Oxycontin has left a chasm in Canada underground drug economy and left addicts scrambling to fill the void, according to one of the nation leading addictions experts.

Here on the prairies, a number of them are turning to heroin.

lot of my patients are reporting that, said Dr. Raju Hajela, the former president of the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, who practises in southeast Calgary.

Abuse of opioids opium like drugs exploded in Canada when Oxycontin hit and Hajela said governments and even many in the medical community the boat thinking addicts would seek treatment when Purdue Pharma stopped manufacturing the drug earlier this year.

thought that by pulling Oxycontin off the market would get people toward treatment, but that not the case, he said.

opio Skechers Boots Sale id is an opioid is an opioid, so people just find another opioid rather than go for help. Neither in Calgary Skechers Boots Sale nor anywhere in Canada have we seen an increase in the number of people wanting treatment. Purdue Pharma pulled Oxycontin, they rolled out OxyNEO, a more tamper resistant product that abusers can inject, sniff or smoke.

Drug dealers in Calgary are capitalizing on that.

A local, longtime dealer whose trade once centred around cocaine has switched gears to heroin, a drug that has been historically rare here, and warned it just a matter of time before more follow.

The arrival of Oxycontin signalled the birth of an a new generation of North American opioid users with insatiable appetites.

are still chasing that high, I know guys who say they take five or six (OxyNEO) and it doesn do anything for them, said the dealer, wh Skechers Boots Sale o spoke to the Sun on the condition he remained unidentified.

More than 85% of his clients, who used to pay up to a dollar for every milligram of Oxycontin, are readily turning to heroin, which is far cheaper.

A tenth of a gram, which is good for three or four sells for $40.

On top of that, he said, wholesale cocaine prices have gone stra Skechers Boots Sale tospheric in recent years. A kilogram that fetched around $30,000 in 2003 now sells for between $65,000 and $80,000, a hike many link to the drug wars in Mexico where cartels still battle over trade route control.

While the cost has increased, the street price of a gram hasn changed much, meaning dealers like him are taking the same risks for less.

Meanwhile, global production of opium the raw ingredient from which heroin is derived has increased and street prices have sank.

According to a 2012 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the price of a gram of heroin, when adjusted for purity and inflation, has plummeted since 1990 from US$1,031 to US$450 in 2010.

everywhere now. Everywhere, said the dealer, fiddling with the beige boulders displayed on a small plate before him.

The half ounce will more than triple his investment. And there is no shortage of the commodity.

have trouble finding a bag of weed some days, I have no trouble finding this, he said.

Police, on the other hand, have yet to see an increase in heroin activity, but they know it there.

no doubt in my mind there probably is a little bit more heroin out there than there has been before, but there also a number of pharmaceuticals that we are seeing out on the street that are opioid based, said Det. Colin Harris of Calgary drug unit.

While most addicts can get Oxycontin small quantities hoarded just before Purdue ceased manufacturing are still popping up police are still seizing quantities of other opioids, such as hydromorphone or morphine.