Skechers Boots Sale Oxygen delivery via ambu bag

Oxygen delivery via ambu bag

Ok my question is, are ambubags effective at delivering oxygen to the patient when used passively (ie not bagging.The reason for this opinion is not only due to the fact the the oxygen is stored (typically) in a reservoir at the rear of the BVM and not freely flowing, but also because the very design of the BVM is to deliver smaller amounts of air per ventilatio Skechers Boots Sale n with higher concentrations of O2 than a CPR mask.Lower volume with higher O2 would mean that the pressure of oxygen is typically not as great circulating through the BVM until manual p Skechers Boots Sale ressure is applied to administe Skechers Boots Sale r the highly oxygenated air. Does that make sense? In short, my experience is that for passive delivery, a BVM is not a good choice. Nor have I ever seen evi Skechers Boots Sale dence to suggest so or to even use the BVM in this’s RatingRating(1 10)Knowledgeability = 10Clarity of Response = 10Politeness = 10CommentThank you for your fast response and is what I believe to be the case as well, but have seen an ambubag in practice used this way and queried its effectivness. Thanks againAdd to this Ask a Related ArticlesOxy View Full Review of Oxy ViewHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy What is Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyMedical Oxygen FAA Allows Air Travelers to Use Medical Oxygen on Commercial FlightsRisks and Limitations of Diving With Enriched Air Nitrox Scuba Diving With Enriched Air NitroxThe Air You Breathe Astronomy for Kids