Skechers Boots Sale Pack Your Bags And Get Out

Pack Your Bags And Get Out

The United States has formally asked the Syrian Government to pack up its Embassy and Consulates and leave. Syria has two Consulates one in Michigan and the other in Texas. Now this is not a formal declaration of a break in relations with the Syrian Government. It simply means that we don’t want them carrying out any diplomatic duties on our soil.

The Embassy personnel has to the e Skechers Boots Sale nd of March to leave American soil. Those that have American citizenship of course can stay.

The rec Skechers Boots Sale ent bombing of cities and villages by the Syrian Government under the leadership of President Assad has sho Skechers Boots Sale wn that the Syrian’s are not interested in making peace with the rebels. The rebel leadership applauds the efforts of the American Government Skechers Boots Sale for taking such actions against the Assad Regime.

The American Embassy in Damascus has been closed since 2012 due to the deteriorating security in the capital city.

President Assad was recently seen out and about which is the first time in a very long time. I guess with his puppet master President Putin of Russia out strutting his stuff in Crimea, Assad feels he can do the same. This war between the rebels and Assad’s regime has been going on for some three years. They have both killed women and children and gassed their own people. They have brought others into their fight who had no business being there and to be perfectly honest this little civil war is a joke.

The United States and the Russian Federation tried to come to an agreement last summer to bring the two groups together for peace talks. Unfortunately, since President Obama and President Putin can’t get along why should we think that they would come together on Syria.

The Syrian Civil War right now is a small isolated conflict but with everyone putting their two cents in this could become a global confrontation that doesn’t need to happen. Syria don’t call us we’ll call you. Bye Bye.