Skechers Boots Sale Pack Your Bags and Join Me

Pack Your Bags and Join Me

When the last school bell of the year rings this Friday, my family will begin an adventure that won end until the first school bell rings next fall. This will be my husband fourth summer as the director of one of the oldest camps in the country, a beautiful place filled with the kind of ancient cobwebby buildings, corny songs, and crazy rituals that define a camp. From the first week of June until the end of the Labor Day weekend, we live, breathe, and eat camp. For many people, summer camp is something childhood memories are made of, something you save up to send your kids to, someplace you wish you could be on a hot summer day while you sit behind your desk. For my family, summer camp is our life. It a life like no other and we feel lucky everyday to call it ours. Well, almost everyday.

Life at camp is all consuming from the radio that sits in our bedroom and broadcasts the camp chatter, to the three meals a day we share as a community, there is no escaping the welcome, though invasive, role camp plays in our life. I know I be writing plenty of from camp this summer, so I thought I would start by taking you on a quick virtual tour.

Our camp was founded in 1925 on almost 400 acres of land, the Skechers Boots Sale sand dunes of Lake Michigan. By the time you add in all of the camper cabins, shelters, and other buildings built in memory of a grateful alumni, we have hundreds of structures on site. Many of them are old eno Skechers Boots Sale ugh to stir up some really good ghost stories fueled by the fact that two of the camp’s founders are buried here. Many of the buildings look like this.

This is the Church of the Dunes. Our camp is now non denominational but it was founded in the Protestant faith. One of the big struggles over the years, has been transitioning the church and the Sunday community service into something tha Skechers Boots Sale t feels all inclusive. It is a beautiful space and every week the campers come together to create a service around a theme Peace, Creativity, Environment and they present music, writing, and performance based on their own faith traditions or inspiration. We are non church goers during the rest of the year, but I look forward to this every week.

Gracielou It is a pretty great prize though my husband, who works the endless hours and has to solve every problem from overflowing septic tanks to cranky parents, may beg to differ on some days!

Ablonde I am a total camp kid, too. I started at YMCA camp when Skechers Boots Sale I was 8 and worked at the same one all through college. The people I knew there are still some of my very best friends. This is my dream come true especially for my kids, but prettty much for me, too.

MM I love that sign post , and I love getting to really know some of the people that join us from around the world. It is so fun to see camp and our culture through their eyes. I’ll make a s’more for you.