Skechers Boots Sale Pack your bags and say hello t

Pack your bags and say hello to the circus

IT’S the ultimate bon voyage to dull suburban life running away to join the circus. It’s more glamorous than the Foreign Legion and will certainly lead to a life full of travel, adventure and bendy people with weird and wonderful skills.

By complete coincidence, in recent months, I’ve met two Scottish girls who have done just this. Quite the opposite to Nelly the elephant, they’ve packed their bags and said hello

My first encounter came by chance in a hotel lobby in Las Vegas. I was booking tickets for the new Cirque du Soleil show Zarkana. Standing at the box office chatting in a Scottish accent was a petite, smiley blonde girl, wearing a walkie talkie and discussing the technical rehearsal.

I think the first intriguing line I overheard was: “No wheel of death tonight, we’ll run with the acrobatic flag act.”

I think you’ll agree, it was a belter.

Who was this girl and how did she end up in Vegas ru Skechers Boots Sale nning a circus?curiosity got the b Skechers Boots Sale etter of me her name was Wyld, from Blanefield, incredibly just two miles from my childhood home in Milngavie. In 2001, she joined the Cirque du Soleil show in Orlando and has been on tour with them ever since, visiting Japan, Madrid, Russia and Radio City

in New York.

Her job is vital to the production. She is responsible for th Skechers Boots Sale e smooth running of the show, which contains complex staging on a massive sc Skechers Boots Sale ale, music, dance, acting and, of course, the best acrobats and circus performers in

the world. She admits that it’s never dull, that she has a

healthy nervousness to get through each performance and that her pals think she is bonkers!

I last met her in August, dressed in hot pants, stockings, a top hat and a ringmaster’s jacket, running the stunning wooden, mirror and stained glass Famous Spiegeltent during the Edinburgh Festival. It fitted. She was surrounded