Skechers Boots Sale Pack your bags for Buenos Aire

Pack your bags for Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina After two days at ESPN st Skechers Boots Sale udios in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was excited to head to Buenos Aires. born child of Argentine immigrants, so going to my family’s homeland and enjoying fantastic steak and wine is especially cool.

The offices and studios of ESPN for Spanish speaking Latin America (we call it “SSLA” for short) are located just outside of downtown Buenos Aires in the quiet Tomkinson neighborhood. ESPN in Argentina launched in 1988, one year prior to the Brazil operation.

I was shown around the production complex by Luis Marzoratti, who was part of the core team that helped start ESPN here 24 years ago. He no longer works there full time and is in his 90 but boy, does he know his way around!

I was also accompanied by the SSLA team’s local photographer, Leo Zavattaro, who has been shooting for ESPN in Buenos Aires for 15 years.

With their help and that of so many of our other fabulous colleagues we were able to shoot the SportsCenter set and talent; radio (the 107.9 FM commentators and studios); corporate offi Skechers Boots Sale ces and employees throughout the course of the day.

Meeting colleagues in person really helps bridge the miles and I feel very fortunate to have had this experience visiting our offices in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

I felt right at home in our offices in Latin America. The look and feel of the ESPN I know in the States was so seamless with the facilities abroad that it was challenging at times to capture that one image that tells you, “Hey, we’re in Argentina.” Skechers Boots Sale

About ESPN in Spanish speaking Latin America: Launched in 1988, ESPN spans all countries and territories in Spanish speaking Latin America, including four 24/7 TV networks, two of which are HD as well: Skechers Boots Sale ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+Plus and ESPN3. ESPN3, launched one year ago, is a live HD, multi screen authenticated network, and the first of its category to be offered simultaneously for TV, internet and mobile devices in the region.

(Rich Arden/ESPN Images)

ESPN’s first night of NFL Draft coverage ranks as the highest rated Rd 1 coverage ever on the network. The 6.8 overnight rating is up 48% from Rd 1 in 2013 (4.6).

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