Skechers Boots Sale Pack your bags LeamonDoug

Pack your bags Leamon

Doug Seal will never be the sheriff in this county ever again. he is at retirement age and will make twice the amount doing absolutely nothing but what he wants so all u people out there on topix use a little common sense. he was only a sheriff for the money and benefits only because he dang sure never done nothing else but make under the table money and fool with every mans wife he could well i mean really look who actually let him have a little just a bunch of old Skechers Boots Sale wore out whores but thats beside the point. what purpose did he Skechers Boots Sale serve.?? Let his daughter run for sheriff i would love for her to cuff me!!!!!!

This is old news. He been into that s hi tz all tha wy back when work for dug. Bad seed. A

bout time leeman found out bout him. As for the others that quit they worked or should it be said done no more then had to. wanted to still have work habits like they had under Doug. Leeman dont need Ta baby men. time Ta grow up boys your growin old. Should don growed up. If he can give it you should been able Ta take it. Stead of going Ta other counties. You b Skechers Boots Sale een needed here. why come back and work for Doug you done let your county down if h Skechers Boots Sale e is elected