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Pack Your Bags Party

Welcome to the May 2014 Birth Club Pack Your Bags Party brought to you by Viacord and BabyCenter! Today we’ll have six discussion topics/games and each topic will have a prize to win!

Did you know? Your newborn’s umbilical cord blood contains stem cells possessing potential to promote healing. Learn how.

The best gift I have recieved for my baby was a handmade blue baby blanket. My cousin, Nicole is 9 years old an Skechers Boots Sale d stiched two small blue sheets together. What really touched my heart is in her card Skechers Boots Sale , she said how babies are full of love and with every stich she sowed, she gives me love for the baby.

What is really special is when I thanked her, I realized I was around her age when she was born. I broke into a happy pregnant cry and hugged her Skechers Boots Sale . I explained that it w Skechers Boots Sale as a blessing to give her the same gift her mother gave me, watching the miracles of life.