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pack your groceries

Shoppers at Coborn’s Superstore want Adam Boone to pack their bags.

The bread won’t be smooshed. The eggs won’t be broken. The appl Skechers Boots Sale es and peaches won’t be bruised Skechers Boots Sale . And he’ll bag the groceries in a matter of seconds.

Boone, the store’s front end manager, will compete against about 25 other grocery baggers from around the state Saturday in the Minnesota Grocers Associati Skechers Boots Sale on’s Best Bagger Competition at the Mall of America in Bloomington.

“I’m stoked,” Boone said. “It’s very exciting. It’s a fun event to be representing Coborn’s.”

The competitors will be judged on speed, bag weight and how the bags are packed. The state champion will win a trip to the national competition early next year in Las Vegas.

This is Boone’s second trip to state. He finished second in 2006.

Grocery chains around the state send their best baggers to the state competition. Coborn’s conducted its store competition in mid July. The Little Falls store sent 13 baggers to the company competition, said Greg Zylka, store manager. Its baggers took the top three places, he said.

“Coborn’s really supports us for doing it,” Zylka said.

Bagging concerns are the most common complaints in the grocery business, Zylka sa Skechers Boots Sale id. About 70 percent of complaints revolve around issues such as broken eggs, crushed bread and bruised fruit, he said.

Zylka offers one piece of advice to baggers: “Bag it like your mom would want it bagged.”

Boone, 30, has worked at the Little Falls store for 11 years. At the company competition, he bagged one bag of groceries in 43 seconds. His closest competitor took 49 seconds.