Skechers Boots Sale Pack Your Under Eye BagsIt

Pack Your Under Eye Bags

It’s a universal dilemma for moms. The inherent chaos of a life encumbered by responsibilities kids, husband, house work, meal organization, play dates and a never expanding to do list eat up the time that used to be spent on YOU!FIVE MINUTE FIXES shows you how to set your to do list on the kitchen counter and rejuvenate your fashion fortitude Skechers Boots Sale Skechers Boots Sale . Whether you live in Miami or Anchorage, having an arsenal of easy style solutions at the ready will get you out of your Mephistos and into a pulled together lo Skechers Boots Sale ok in a snap. She is a style expert for Vogue, the AP, People Magazine’s Moms Babies, Parents Magazine and contributes to Today Show, Access Hollywood, Town Country, The New York Times, Travel Leisure, Departures and Huffington Post. Her first book BUMP IT UP: TRANSFORMING YOUR PREGNANCY INTO THE ULTIMATE STYLE STATEMENT was published in March 2010 and immediately touted as a must read by outlets from the New York Times to Glamour Magazine.FIVE MINUTE FIX: Pack Your (Under Eye) Bags!HOLY TRINITY of INSTA RADIANCE EYE CREAM, COLOR CORRECTOR, CONCEALERIn my twenties, friends began to greet me and immediately ask, night last night?” No, I did not reek of Schlitz. Nor had I stayed out partying all night. What I had were swollen, dark circles under my eyes; a not so welcome gift from my mom. Whether I slept nine ho Skechers Boots Sale urs or three, each morning my eyes resembled a dark Samsonite carry on piece of luggage. I began experimenting with treatments and products to reduce the swelling and camouflage my ringed peepers. Here are my tried and true strategies for assuaging swollen and discolored under eye bags.