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Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau sees no case for legal weed

Washington State legalized munchies inducing marijuana for recreational use, Skechers Canada but Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau doesn think there much ap Skechers Canada petite to do the same thing here.

For starters, it not your father weed.

need to be informed about potency and how much it changed. People still have the impression that it not addictive.

think this is a debate for the health sector, he said.

Speaking as a member of the Chiefs of Police, Bordeleau said the group has interest in legalizing pot. do, however, advocate over decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana.

a single joint, he said. no value in overburdening our court syst Skechers Canada em for a single joint. encourages debate over a new system where people were given a ticket and a fine for possession of small amounts of the drug.

He just not clear what amounts to a small amount.

not sure what the threshold would be, he said.

Skechers Canada
would come from discussion and I think there value in that discussion. A ticket does mean there consequences, but doesn overburden the court system with small quantities. Bordeleau believes the issue is not a pressing one for Canadians, a 2010 poll suggests otherwise.

An exclusive Leger Marketing poll for QMI Agency found 21% think the federal government should decriminalize soft drugs like marijuana, while 34% say legalize it and tax it just like tobacco and alcohol.