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Our Post Pregnant Bodies

Oh yes, pregnancy at first is great. We start out not being able to wait until we can fit into all those ridiculously cute maternity clothes. We want the whole world to see us in our glory and every doctor visit we gleefully agree to get measured and weighed. That’s a first! By the end of the ninth month we are usually so bloated, swollen and have such a hard time finding any clothes to fit not to mention cute ones that we just can’t wait until it’s over. As your packing your bags for the hospital you dig through your closet trying to find that pair of skinny jeans and cropped top you were wearing before you conceived; tickled with the excitement of actually getting to wear it again. Aft Skechers Outlet er all once the belly is gone what else is there, right?

So wrong! The baby is out and as you lie adorned in a hospital gown you pull out those jeans. Not only does one leg not fit into them, but you wonder how in the world you ever got your feet into them. Did you grab the wrong pair? The cropped top barely covers your burgeoning boobs and what it does reveal is some stretched out skin and a mound of swollen interior parts. You may even be wondering if the doctor got both the babies out because it certainly feels or looks like something was left behind! Talk about post partum depression. Our post pregnant bodies can definitely turn out to be disappointing, frustrating and agonizing for ourselves to look at! Is there good news herewell yes, at least it is just temporary, right?

There are women who can leave the hospital looking exactly as they did before they had the baby. I have seen them on TV, the news and on the freak shows on Discovery Channel. Most of them are movie stars or teenagers and although they do serve to make the rest of us look bad the truth is that dealing with our bodies post partum takes a bit of patience and a lot of pride.

Sure, we don’t look the same. Breastfeeding or not we are bound to have added padding in that area and our mid section will remain somewhat swollen for several weeks. When the fluid and swelling subside we are left the truth of what we have to deal with. Some women’s hips expand, while others feet grow. Some women are left with red pregnancy masks or rashes, stretch marks on the hips, buttocks or belly and a malady of other le Skechers Outlet ss than desirable effects. It is easy to feel bad ourselves, bad about the number on the scale and much less than attractive. Finding a way to be proud of what you just accomplished and allowing yourself time, at least nine months, can be a great way to ease back into your own body without beating yourself up. One thing is for sure after pregnancy (for most of us) our bodies change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad thing.

Keep in mind that our husbands are not quite as critical as we may believe. They may be so thrilled to see you in regular clothes again and be so secretly glad that you are no longer ‘with child’ that most husbands still find their wives sexy. Many may not mind the larger breasts or the extra curves and lots are eager to resume sex again. Instead of hiding yourself let go of your own inhibitions about your body and try to feel good about owning it again. This attitude can be attractive and sexy all on its own. The post pregnant body may be different than what you are used it and you may never fit into those skinny jeans but you will get back to your new normal. It takes a bit of exercise, healthy eating and a lot of good mental nourishment (being proud of the skin your in) as well. It can be easy to feel defeated after having a baby; but don’t! The truth is that your body went through an Skechers Outlet incredible journey in 9 long months the post pregnancy stage too will be gone before you know it. Of course there are those people who see you after you just had a baby and will ask when the baby is due. Ignore them or risk going to jail! I had one ask me that while I was holding my newborn and can remember crying all the Skechers Outlet way home. Instead of dwelling on it have a positive outlook on what you just achieved and begin to see yourself in a different light.

Throw out your old skinny jeans and the crop top and begin to strive for a different goal. Being healthy is much better than being thin. Do not allow the scale to be your judge and refuse to be weighed at the post partum visit if the number bothers you. After all they aren’t trying to make sure your baby is growing anymore. Stay away from the juniors department where clothes are definitely not made for a womanly body and refuse to leave the house in sweatpants or sleeping drawers. Dressing and taking care of yourself can go miles for motivation and self confidence. Buy yourself just a few nice things at first with the realization that in no time you will need smaller clothes. Pay no attention to the size on the tag, go with what fits and cut out and throw away all evidence of size when you get home. This way you won’t be subjecting yourself to periodic moments of panic and depression. There are plenty of other things to worry about now!

The post pregnant body can be very beautiful. Often times what we women think is desirable or optimum is not necessarily true. By being realistic about the way we want our bodies to look and feel we can let go of outdated notions that ‘thin is in.!’ Our post pregnant bodies say much more about us as women than at any other time in our life. Absolutely, your stomach will look a bit different and you may even have a few stretch marks. You may have gone up a shoe size or two and even your arms may be bigger. These things just prove that not only did you endure the battle, you were triumphant. After pregnancy is a great time to be confident in what our bodies are able to do and to have a much deeper and greater understanding of the beauty that is a woman. I say, stand tall, stand proud and make the decision that the way you feel after your baby is born resonates with a deep level of self respect that transcends simply our bodies. Our post pregnant body, just like the pregnant body is only a temporary phase in the history of our lives. It is not our bodies that make us; it is us that make our bodies!