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Duty free or airport shopping bags that fail to fit into a permitted single piece of hand luggage are set to push up the costs of travelling with the budget carrier.
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The Herald put the latest of the low cost airline’s rules to the test and cam Skechers Outlet e up with poor results, proving it has become almost impossible to avoid exorbitant extra charges when flying with Ryanair.

This follows an announcement by Ryanair that they will impose a 30 fee on passengers with more than one item of on board luggage. The surcharge will apply to duty free shopping, meaning any additional purchases bought in the short time before boarding must also fit into a passenger’s single bag.

However, abiding by the new regulations will prove to be quite a challenge. We attempted to pack just a few popular duty free purchases, including two bottles of alcohol, into a modest sized bag for a weekend away.

But added to two changes of clothing, a few basic toiletries along with a pair of shoes, hairdryer, laptop and handbag, fitting the duty free items into the restricted sized luggage permitted onboard required serious effort.

Not only a tight squeeze, it was not possible to even close the bag let alone do up the zip. So avoiding the hefty new surcharge will be next to impossible after just a few small airport purchases.

Ryanair’s baggage policy states: “Handbag, briefcase, laptops etc must be carried within your permitted 1 piece of cabin baggage”.

And even if you do manage to cram any newly purchased duty free items into your humble baggage, there is also the additional weight to consider. Ryanair’s onboard baggage rules state: “It should weigh no more than 10kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm.”

The latest restriction has left some wonder Skechers Outlet ing whether this means Ryanair staff will be reweighing all cabin baggage while boarding the plane to ensure passengers are within the limits. The policy states that in any cases where passengers refuse to pay the surcharge, they will not board.

The budget carrier’s strict policy of allowing just one item of cabin luggage has long included briefcases, laptops and handbags. But the airline has now specifically stated duty free shopping will be included in the restrictions.

The company has claimed a growing number of customers were attempting to board with more than one bag.

However, it seems none of Ryanair’s rivals are facing the same equality issues when it comes to baggage. While Aer Lingus also permits just one cabin bag, which m Skechers Outlet ust weigh fewer than 6kgs, the firm’s website states that: “additional small items such as cameras, personal stereos, overcoats or handbags may be carried”.

It is believed airport and duty free items will continue to be included under this.

The maximum dimensions for an Aer Lingus cabin bag are also larger than for Ryanair. Aer Arann allows passengers one cabin bag and one checked bag. British Airways passengers can take one bag and either a laptop bag, handbag or briefcase.