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Skechers Boots Sale Pack Your Party BagSo you’

Pack Your Party Bag

So you’re at your third party of the night, and after chatting to Mr (Insert Dream Man Of Your Choice) Lookalike you head Skechers Boots Sale to the ladies’ room and realise a) your lip colour is gone and in its place are dry, cracked lips; b) that midnight blue shadow you applied earlier has also disappeared; and c) you swear that p Skechers Boots Sale imple wasn’t there three hours ago.

No one likes to be caught in such a situation. A well packed party bag is the trick. Think of it as a first aid kit for your face. Unfortunately you can’t take back the two hours you spent chatting to Mr Dream Man looking a little less than fantastic, but you can re emerge confident with the knowledge that you’ll look great for the rest of the night.

Concealer. Hide those annoying, confidence zapping blemishes with something like Avon Personal Match Liquid Concealer, $12.99. Remember to pat it in, don’t rub.

Black eyeliner. As you know, eyeliner has a tendency to fade/rub away, so slip one into your bag for easy and quick application.

Cotton buds rolled in eye shadow. Often your palette is too bulky to carry around, and even if you u Skechers Boots Sale se a single colour you still need to bring a brush or applicator. Skechers Boots Sale This is the ultimate DIY eye shadow re application tool. You can store them in a small, resealable plastic container.

Cream blush. Adding a little colour to your face will give you a healthy, happy glow (unless the champagnes you’ve had give you a little natural red colouring!). Packing cream blush also means you don’t need to bring a blush brush. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown recommends blending it on the apples of your cheeks for a fast way to refresh your look. Try: Bobbi Brown Cream Blush Stick, $58.

A light coloured lipstick or gloss. A bold, bright colour isn’t ideal if you only want a quick touch up, and any mistakes will become more obvious. Pale pink shades are pretty and fuss free.