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Skechers Boots Sale Pack your gym bag with beauty

Pack your gym bag with beauty stuff

The core staple to any gym bag, gym bunnies working up a sweat will need a deo of the anti perspirant var Skechers Boots Sale iety to stop Skechers Boots Sale them from sweating and giving off that offensive odour that comes with smashing your spin class. Opt for a product that nourishes your skin while giving you protection like Nivea Cal Skechers Boots Sale m and Care Deodorant, $3.79.

One of my faves, the creator should win the Nobel Prize for making makeup removal so damn easy in my humble opinion. Stash these in your bag to cleanse your face in one swift swipe. They’re also great for correcting mistakes in case your hands are a little wobbly after that hectic weights session. Product pick: Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes, $7.50

Chez is constantly banging on about how much she LOVES tinted moisturiser and you know what Primpers? I think she’s on to something. This little power product will protect you from the sun, hydrate your mug and give you a sheer dose of colour. It’s also a hardworking, double duty little thing so that’s one less thing to stow away. We love NIVEA Visage Tinted Moisturising Cream, $9.99.

Invest in a travel sized cosmetics case and stock with vital items like green based concealer (to hide redness), bronzer (sub this in for blush, you’re already flushed f Skechers Boots Sale rom your work out), mascara, a nude lip balm or gloss (keep your lips neutral, a bold lip will clash with your hot little head) and a dry shampoo to soak up the sweat from your mop. Pack your signature scent and spritz to finish off, now get back to work!